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How to turn a woman off!

Maybe you’ve read some of the articles on the internet about what turns women off. Well I thought I’d give my personal thoughts on this matter. So, what are the biggest turn-offs for women? Well, that depends.

Obviously, not all women are alike. A turn-off for some is a turn-on for others. From my perspective, here’s the stuff some of us just can’t stand. Let’s look at it from two angles… Turn-offs while dating, and turn-offs at a bar or club.

So first, you’re in a budding new romance. It’s that stage where things are still exciting. And impressions are still being made. But beware guys, there are definitely a few things you can unintentionally do to kill it for her.

Living like a pig! Look, you DON’T have to have a lot of money…but you should take care of what you DO have. How you live says a lot about you. No trashy, filthy, dirty bachelor pad apartments that look like you only attempted to clean-up because she was coming over!

The same goes for how you look. Again, you don’t need to get a male manicure every week and sport Armani. But you should at least be acquainted with an iron. Sloppy looks (i.e. just out of bed or wrinkled) don’t win many points. On the other hand, looking sharp and crisp do. If you want to keep her interested, get an iron and use it!

Jealousy over-kill Yes, a little jealousy from time to time is flattering. But, excessive jealousy gets tiresome – and it’s just not worth the trouble.

Maybe you lack confidence. Has she ever said that you’re way too jealous? If yes, take a step back and think about it (why are you acting this way?). If it’s just a confidence issue, then you’d better work on it. Because in a new relationship this stuff can ruin things very quickly! Many women will thell you, needy, insecure men are one of the biggest turn-offs around!

Saying she’s just like every other woman No one wants to hear that they’re just like everyone else. People like to feel special. So, skip those comments like “Yeah, my last girlfriend used to do the same thing as you…” and “All women say that.” Instead think about the ways in which this girl is unique. It’ll get you much farther!

Now, if you are at a bar and trying to pick a girl up, avoid these…

The “Hey Baby” line Please! – It’s just not attractive to be referred to by a pet name (which some find sexist) by a total stranger. So save it! That goes for other trite attempts like “Sweetie”, “Gorgeous”, “Honey”, “Darling” or whatever.

If you want to make an impression, get her name and stick to that.

Overselling Yourself When you’re trying for a one night fling you’ve got to make an impression quickly. So don’t tell her about you…(She doesn’t need to hear that you’re an ‘artist’ or ‘poet’ or whatever it is you think she’s just dying to hear)…but rather, ask her about her! Make that impression by listening instead of just talking about yourself.

This relates to…

Trying to act when you can’t! Most women can tell when you just read an article in a men’s magazine that said “Ask women lots of questions because they like that. ” Well, yeah… asking questions is part of showing interest in another, but it takes real talent to do this genuinely. And it’s the genuine aspect that women like. Asking a bunch of boring questions just to pretend like you actually care is obnoxious!

These turn-offs (whether while dating or in bars) are just the beginning! So, with such an incredible number of potential ways to turn a woman off, how do you know exactly what shuts-down the one you’re trying to impress?

One thing you can try is to ask her casually about women’s turn-offs. (And then be sure you don’t do any of them). You can also take advantage of the females around you…get their opinions too.

Ask around and soon enough you’ll know whether what you do is turning women off or on to you.

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