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How to Get Your Ex Back and Keep Him for Good

Portrait of sexual beautiful girl and sad young manMany women may have found that following various tips to make their ex come back to them might have succeeded in getting a few extra dates. Unfortunately, the relationship often ends up exactly where it was before and you end up going through a second breakup. This can be even more painful the second time around, especially after you’ve worked so hard to get him to come back to you.

Below are some tips that are designed to help you get your ex back and make him want you more than ever.

1. Let Him Miss You
Many couples are so involved with each other that they feel it’s normal to spend every spare moment they have in each other’s company. Of course it’s exciting to see your partner every chance you get.

Unfortunately, it can also make some men feel smothered. Men love being in relationships, but they don’t like the idea of losing their own individuality. If your ex broke up with you without really knowing the reason why, then chances are you’ve been texting him or calling him to find out what’s wrong. This only makes him feel more smothered.

You need to stop contact for at least a week. This gives your ex a chance to miss you as he begins to find out what his life would be like without you in it.

2. Bring Back the Happy You
Think back to when you first met your ex. You both would have been happy to see each other and every date would have been spent making sure each other were having a good time.

Now think about the last few times you saw each other. Were you spending your time making sure each other was happy? Or were you arguing? Were you complaining about other friends or work problems?

In most cases, men will begin to think you’re unhappy if you argue or query where the relationship is going or if you complain about other aspects of your life with him. This can be enough for him to pull away and think it’s not working.

Instead, go and do things that make you happy. Find fun hobbies or fun friends and work on bringing back the happy-version of you he fell in love with. He’ll be pleased to see the happy you again.

3. Flirting
When you first met your ex, you both would have made each other feel great. Flirting is all about letting each other know you’re attracted to each other. You both would have felt passionate about the signals you were sending each other.

However, when the relationship begins to settle down and you feel more comfortable, those flirting signals fade away. Some men may begin to think this means you’re not as interested in him anymore.

If you’re serious about getting your ex back, learn how to switch on those signals that will make him more attracted to you again.

4. Don’t Change Who You Are
Far too many ‘get your ex back’ tips on the internet demand that women change into compliant, meek doormats in order to make their guy notice them again. While you might get a couple of extra dates out of your ex by changing who you are, it will not be enough to keep him with you permanently. You’ll also be miserable if you think you need to change the person you are to keep a guy with you, as you will never be free to be your true self.

After all, he fell in love with the person you were when you first met. If your ex can only love you if you become someone different, then you deserve to be with someone who can appreciate your qualities fully.

However, while it’s important not to change yourself, it is important to offer your ex-boyfriend the best version of you. This is the one who makes him feel happy and attractive when he’s with you, but who also doesn’t make him feel smothered.

These simple tips for getting your ex back will help you to develop stronger feelings within your ex that will not only get him to come back to you, but will also make him want to stay with you for the long term.

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