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Flirting With Women – Advice and Expert Suggestions

Flirting with womenWhen you’re flirting with a female, being honest with yourself and your potential romantic partner is much more beneficial than tired lines and cliches. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun. In fact, showing that you have a sense of humor is one of the best ways to be successful in flirting with girls and women.

Break the Ice
Simply approaching an attractive woman often puts you ahead of the game. Beautiful women sometimes intimidate men so much that they are afraid to approach them at all, according to dating coach Evan Marc Katz. Many lesbians are so fearful of rejection that they never approach anyone romantically, according to Susan Adams, founder and chief executive of Lavender Liaisons, a matchmaking service for lesbians.

What you say at the beginning of a conversation isn’t really important, as long as it’s clear that you are initiating friendly contact, according to the Social Information Research Centre (SIRC). Something as simple as “hello” is fine. If you hesitate in making a move, you may miss your opportunity altogether, warns Nick Savoy, chief executive of the dating service Love Systems, quoted in Esquire magazine.

Discuss Your Surroundings
Take advantage of circumstances that place you in close proximity with an attractive woman to strike up a conversation. If you’re seated next to an attractive woman in a bar or sitting side-by-side on a long flight, talk about the weather or the destination of your flight. If she seems receptive, offer to buy her a drink, Savoy advises.

Mention shared interests or factors you have in common with a woman, Pink Fridge online magazine recommends. If you’re at a sporting event, mention a spectacular play. Whatever your approach, watch her body language and allow a means for both you and her to end the end the exchange without awkwardness if necessary, SIRC advises.

Use Humor and Fun
Playful communication and teasing creates a sense of intimacy. Tell silly jokes or tease her in a good-natured way, advises April Masini, author of Date Out of Your League. Create an inside joke with a woman and share it every time you see her. Make sure your attempts at humor are also funny for her, recommends. Avoid stale jokes and rehearsed lines.

Pay Sincere Compliments
A sincere compliment about a woman goes a long way, even without being creative or clever, according to SIRC. Let her know that you admire her intelligence or that you respect her work, explains relationship expert Tracy Cabot. It’s OK to let her know you find her attractive, but avoid overly suggestive remarks or comments about her body. Letting a woman know you want sex is fine under appropriate circumstances, but if she believes your interest is limited to the bedroom, you may alienate her, Cabot warns.

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