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You Aren’t Going to Fail When You Commit

You’re talking to someone and they seem to be nice. You exchange a few emails, a few winks, and you even use a video chat feature. Everything seems to be going great.

And then a few days pass.

And then another few days pass without hearing anything back.

What did you do wrong?

Chances are good that you didn’t do anything wrong and that you are just the victim of a normal fact of life – the prospective partner just didn’t pan out. They might not have been interested in you or they may very well have found someone else.

You just never know.

But instead of crying over this date, let’s take a moment to reassess where things went wrong.

Did you ask them out after only a few emails? Many people don’t. Instead, they carry on these long and involved conversations over email that last months, only to find themselves not hearing back from this person they really thought they connected with.

Have you heard of the phrase – all talk and no action? That’s exactly what you’re doing wrong.

You need to be ready to meet this person in person after a few messages. This will save you both a lot of trouble as you will decide immediately whether or not this person is worth your time. If not, no harm done. If so, then you can start a real relationship.

After all, it gets lonely sitting in front of a computer night after night. You need more.

And when you ask for more, you never fail.

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