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Yes, Online Dating Can be Successful

You hear all of the horror stories -that online dating is scary, dangerous, or, even worse, unsuccessful.

But are these just old wives’ tales?

The truth is that online dating IS successful – a lot. But you might have to adjust your definition of success for as moment.

Are you going to meet someone who is perfect? Probably not. But you will meet people who share your interests. And then you at least have the chance that you could have a love hook up.

Dating is the goal of online dating, isn’t it? Marriage is a great side effect, but that’s not what you should be aiming for right from the start. You should be aiming to meet people, and to have a little fun.

And with the expectation of having fun, how can anything go wrong?

So, the advice to take from this posting today is to go into dating with an open mind. Get to know that other person, enjoy their company, and when things are going well, just have fun.

When you’re relaxed, you’re often more yourself and often you tend to let little things go – the little things that might cause you to break up with someone before you fall in love with them.

Relax a little and enjoy online dating – it’s going to work. Maybe not today, but it will.

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