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So, What are the Online Dating Rules?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a rule book that came along with your online dating membership? Remember that when flirting online, getting hit on three times means that you should go on a date with the prospective suitor. Calling before the next date seems needy, etc.

But there isn’t a rule book. You simply figure out what you need to do along the way.

There are three simple rules that you should follow if you want to not only be successful in your online dating, but to also be a popular person to hook up with:

1. Be open to everyone – This is not the time to be picky. Give everyone a chance, but dismiss those that don’t appeal to you.

2. Take a chance – You will need to meet people IRL (in real life) after a while. Be the one to make that date and to follow through on seeing if you have chemistry in the real world too.

3. Realize that someone is out there – If you’re automatically assuming that no one is going to suit you, you’re right. But if you keep in mind that there is someone out there looking for someone like you, you’re right too.

Okay, other rules that I think are pretty obvious? Be clean, brush your teeth, and NEVER be late to a date. But you already knew these, right? Right?

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