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Become Irresistible: Part Two

Irresistibility isn’t just a one time thing. This is something you cultivate and make into something you do, something you’re like ALL THE TIME.

That said, there are some more simple ways to make yourself a seductive star – and they’re easy to start right now. You can even seduce your boss, if you like, into giving you a raise.

These tips are that good.

Realize They’re Just as Nervous – When you start to realize that the other person is just as nervous as you are, you will begin to relax. And that’s seductive in and of itself. Just by allowing yourself to be cool and collected, you will look like you have a secret that they want to uncover.

Pattern Yourself After the Other – This one is a bit trickier because you don’t want to come off as being overly annoying or OCD. What you want to do is to subtly mirror the other person’s movements and expressions. That is, if they lean to the left, you want to lean to the left. If they’re smiling, you should smile, etc. This helps make the other feel like they’re more comfortable and in the presence of someone similar to them, which puts them at ease.

Let It All Go – Yes, you might have just said something stupid, but you’re going to look less attractive if you continue to dwell on it or continuously bring up your faux pas. Instead, make sure to let small things go and move on. This shows your comfort level with the other person, plus it helps you stop sweating the small stuff!

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