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How To Use Facebook To Get A Date

Using Facebook for dating isn’t exactly new, but it might be new to you. Facebook is a social site, and probably one of the greatest places to meet new people. Why not find your next date on Facebook? It’s not as hard as you might think.

Digging For Dates

The important thing to remember is that Facebook isn’t a dating website. People don’t come to Facebook specifically to find a romantic partner. You have to approach Facebook a little differently than you would a dating site like

The first thing you should do is explore the list of friends you have made on Facebook. Check out your friends’ friends. Try to make new connections with friends of friends. If you find someone that seems interesting, try friending them.

Facebook will sometimes display whether the person you’re friending is single or not. If the person has set his privacy settings to allow other people to see this information, then you’ll know whether the person is worth pursuing or not. If Facebook doesn’t show this information, then you’ll have to pay more attention to this person’s Facebook updates.

Make Use of Existing Friends

Ask one of your friends, who is also friends with the person you want to meet, to hook you up. This tactic works best when the person you want to meet and your friend are friends in real life. When you have mutual friends like this, it’s almost like a blind date, but better. You get a sneak preview of the person you are being set up with.

If you think about it, this sort of thing happens all the time. How many times has someone been set up with a friend of a friend? The only difference is that it’s all taking place online. It’s actually better than being set up on a blind date since you can choose who you want to be set up with.

Introduce Yourself Directly – “Cold Calling”

A slightly less effective strategy is to introduce yourself directly. You can try making contact with the person you want to meet directly, but this is going to be a bit harder than being introduced. You don’t have the benefit of a referral from your friend when you go it alone.

Your best bet here is to ask the person you want to meet to attend a social function where both you and your mutual friend will be.

This puts the person you want to meet at ease. Just make sure that your mutual friend is aware of the situation so that he/she shows up. Otherwise, your potential date might back out at the last minute.

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