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Why Being Single is Not Your Fault

While we can sit back and point out all of the flaws in our dating life, maybe it’s time to start pointing out what we’ve done right – for a change. So often, we sit and we wonder, “Why am I alone?” But while this question is not going to be quieted any time soon, the validity of asking it in the first place is questionable.

Here’s the thing – being single is not a disease or something that needs to be ‘fixed.’ In thinking that you have some sort of problem, you begin to create the feeling that YOU are the problem.

And as the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.”

Being in a relationship (or not) is rarely the fault of one person. Since you need to have two people come together who both enjoy each other’s company and who are actively ready to be in a relationship, it’s almost as though the stars do need to align in a very precise manner in order for love to blossom.

Instead of simply giving up and taking the blame, you need to get out and start living the life you do have. Sign up for classes, become a part of your neighborhood watch, etc. Do things that make you happy. After all, people want to date someone who’s vibrant and alive – not someone who’s mopey.

That part IS your fault. But fixing it is easy.

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