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A Dose of Dating Reality

Let’s be honest for a moment, you want more from your love life. We all do. Even if we’re in great relationships or we are satisfied with being single, we want MORE. And that’s one of the best reasons for online dating in the first place.

It gives you more – more than you can handle in most instances.

You get to meet more people than you might have on your own by sitting in one bar with your girl friends or guy friends and you don’t even have to buy a sip of alcohol or risk getting hit on by someone you don’t like. Online dating puts you in control and it puts you in the driver’s seat.

No more wasting time throwing out a line with bait and just hoping that you’ve picked the right spot. Everyone on the site, well, nearly everyone, wants to find someone to love, or maybe just like, for the night. This means that you’re more than likely to find exactly who you’re looking for.

Or at least have fun trying.

The fact is that if you aren’t dating online, you’re probably not dating much at all. You’re relying on your friends for blind dates and for their exes. And that’s just not a recipe for success. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

No one’s hanging out at bars anymore, at least, not to pick up a date. They’re going there with their dates – not a great way to find someone who’s single, is it?

You already know that online dating is the way to go, but this little reality check may just get you started.

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