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Is Cheating Learned Behavior?

Does a man cheat on his wife or girlfriend because he watched his father cheat on his mother for years while growing up?

On the other hand, does a woman cheat on her husband or significant other simply because she spent countless years watching her mother have one affair after another despite the hurt she inflicted on her husband? Is this type of behavior learned during childhood and adolescence?

If one considers the fact that many behaviors are learned, then in all likelihood, you will also come to the conclusion that cheating is learned behavior. Like most family behaviors, if a person spends enough time watching it, the behavior becomes ingrained into the individual’s behavior patterns.

From the mundane to the important tasks and actions that humans take in life, most behavior is a form of learned activity. From the way that humans place the roll of toilet paper in to the dispenser to the way that they set the kitchen table to the manner of communication that they use, human behavior is primarily learned behavior.

Parents teach their children how to complete simple tasks such as tying their shoes, getting dressed in the morning, and how to read and write. While they are at it, parents unconsciously teach their children how to speak to other human beings and how to show or not show love. If a parent is cheating on a spouse, quite often the children are aware of it.

Even if an individual grows up with a parent or parents who cheat on each other, this same individual has a choice to make. He can choose to cheat on his significant other or he can choose not to follow in the footsteps that taught him so much as he was growing up.

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