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A Different Kind of Election

With all of the attention on the presidential candidates right now, don’t you sometimes just want a break from the mudslinging?   Apparently you’re not the only one.  An online booty call poll voted on potential presidential candidates and their spouses to see who the winner would be.

And it seems like it’s a year for the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton won the Booty Call poll over Obama with 55% of the vote, while former candidate Jon Edwards’ wife Elizabeth won the vote for the candidate spouses.

But what does it matter who the general public will sleep with?   Well, it’s no secret that many people vote based on who they like in the election – not necessarily who they agree with.  If something has a face they like and they’re not in completely opposition to their looks, that candidate might have a better shot.

It sounds crude, but in a media driven world, is it really any surprise?

That said, the creators of this poll wondered if Edwards should have stuck it out in the nomination process because his wife was so highly ranked.  In an election year, it seems, any advantage might be one the candidate should take.

Polls like these are a little silly, but if they help voters learn who the candidates are and what they stand for, perhaps we’re actually all becoming more educated voters as a result.  And that’s not a bad thing at all.

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