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The Zoosk website is a fun and simply way to meet others in your area. Members can use the service on the website (Read review) but they also has their own Facebook application, and if you choose, you can sign up to Zoosk through your Facebook account.

Facebook will offer you the choice of passing your email to the site, or you can skip this step and enter it yourself on the registration page.

Register the App: Just provide your email and password on the first page, followed by your location on the next. After completing this step, you’ll be asked to provide some personal details and a Zoosk username. Some of this information is visible to other members on what’s called your “Date Card”.

Date Card: You can add as much detail as you like to your Date Card, including your likes and dislikes, your favorite music and films and who you would like to meet. You can also pick from a list of pre-set “ice breakers”, which are questions that will appear on your Date Card.

Simply click any number of these, and anyone contacting you can give you their answers. You’ll also need to upload a photograph. Your profile will be active without a photo however you won’t be able to email other members without one.

If you choose, you can also invite your friends to write testimonials about you. By doing this, your contacts from your Hotmail, Live or Gmail email accounts will be sent a message asking them to write a testimonial for you. To complete this step, you’ll need to provide the password to your email account.

There are two levels of membership on Zoosk, free and premium. Premium members pay a monthly subscription fee, and can access all features on the site and communicate with others without any restrictions. Free members have some basic privileges, can send winks and flirts, and browse profiles.

Free members can earn (or purchase) Zoosk Coins. These allow the purchase of certain things on the site, such as gifts, or they can be used to grant chat and email privileges (unlocking e-mail messages for example).

Coins can either be purchased directly with a credit card, or they can be earned, for example, by getting your friends to join to the site. Premium members will only need Coins for special purchases such as gifts, or special delivery emails.

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