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Science and romance come together at eHarmony

As one of the most well publicized online dating sites, eHarmony is the best bet for those looking for a truly serious commitment with the right person.

Science and romance come together with in-depth personality questionnaires designed to match compatible personality traits most likely to result in chemistry.

eHarmony’s Match Locator

Rather than members entering information to search for compatible matches, the online system locates matches and delivers them.

While signup and personality profiles are free, a paid membership is required in order to communicate.

Guided or Unguided Communication

One can use the guided communication process to break the ice or bypass it all using the site’s Fast Track system. Founded by Dr. Neil Warren, a dating and relationship expert, is recognized for its ability to create long lasting compatible matches.

This is because of the lengthy questionnaires that must be filled out which is designed to match couples on a deeper level that appearances alone.

Is it Christian Only?

The site has strong Christian principles, and has received complaints in the past for not catering for same sex couples. For this reason, the launched their accompanying site, compatible partners (more).

Why is the Test So Long?

The extensive compatibility questionnaire must be completed before gaining access to the site, so unlike many other match sites, at eHarmony one cannot simply register in a few moments and start browsing profiles.

The test answers can be saved at any time however so that you can come back at a later point to finish the test.

Once you complete the test and access the site, you can easily modify your profile and customize your settings. Choosing between the fast track or guided communications options can be done here, as well as specifying whether you’d like to receive matches by email or not.

It’s also possible to restrict matches to people living within a certain distance, to those with certain religious beliefs or ethnic backgrounds, and of a certain height.

Is it for You?

eHarmony has one of the most comprehensive matchmaking services available both on and off the internet. It’s well suited to those seeking a compatible partner for a serious, lasting relationship.

Those uncomfortable or unwilling to examine themselves at length are not likely to find themselves suited to

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