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Are You Ready for Love?

love_coupleIn this festive time of year, it’s only natural to want to find someone to share it with. And if you’ve been single for a while, you might be anxious to finally find ‘the one’ that you will fall in love with.

But is it that easy?

When you are dating, you need to recognize that finding someone and falling in love with someone are not necessarily one and the same. While you might want to be with someone and do all of the right things to attract them, this does not guarantee that you will find the right person.

You need to begin to ask yourself if you are ready to dating at all. This question becomes all the more important when you haven’t dated in a while or when you’ve had a particularly bad breakup recently. If either of these are the case, you need to begin by working on yourself and your issues before you can let someone else in.

This means taking a few moments to consider your role in the demise of your previous relationship. What could you have done better or differently? In addition, you need to look at your exes to see what they have in common and what you want in a new partner that is the same or that is different.

You also need to realize that falling in love might be an instant thing, but a relationship is not. In order to make a real relationship work, you need to spend time nurturing it with communication and with a concentrated focus.

Not everyone is ready for love, but that doesn’t mean they will never be. It just might take a little longer.

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