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Are You Really Committed to Finding Love?

Every so often I hear a single person say, “There just aren’t any single guys/girls out there”. In fact, I can even remember saying it myself about 42,000 times when I was single.

It is true that as you get older, the population of single people may diminish. And, by older, I just mean older than the largest age group of singles who are looking for love, which are people in their early twenties.

But, one of the biggest reasons people don’t find love is that they don’t make time for it. You see, as we mature, we make a life for ourselves, which is good. It’s not a good idea to put off doing the things you want to do because you’re waiting for the right mate to come along. However, when we make too good a life for ourselves we may be reducing our chances of finding that mate.

If your life is filled to the brim with work, friends and family, you may be preventing yourself from finding a mate. If you can’t find time to search, how will you make time for the right person when he or she comes along?

We have to strike a balance between having a fulfilled life as a single person and devoting time to finding a mate. The right guy or gal is not going to knock on your front door tonight (or any other night) while you’re watching television. Once you’ve exhausted the obvious avenues for meeting singles, like work, friends of friends and social clubs, it can be very tempting to say that there’s just no one out there.

Remember, however, that you’re out there. So, certainly there are others like you. It just might be a little harder now to find them.

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