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Did the Royal Wedding Spark Proposals?

Prince William, second in line to the British throne married his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton last week in a gorgeous ceremony that went off without a hitch. But, will the elegant nuptials, broadcast worldwide, motivate other longtime couples to tie the knot?

It seems so, at least in England. Months ago, wedding insurer, Ecclesiastical noted that they were already beginning to receive more requests for wedding insurance, and they expected that number to continue to increase into the months past the actual day of the royal wedding.

Of course, spring and summer are the most popular months of the year for weddings anyway, but it does appear that seeing William and Kate tie the knot has influenced many other British couples to do the same.

Anything used by Kate and William can expect a royal boost, too. We all know that many brides will want a dress that is a copy of, or at least similar to, the beautiful and demure gown worn by the now Duchess of Cambridge.

But, even venues will get a boost from the royal wedding. Many wedding experts have predicted a return to the more traditional wedding venue after seeing the elegance and beauty of Westminster Abbey all decked out for the royal ceremony.

It will be interesting to watch the trends that come from the royal wedding. Let’s certainly hope that one of them is happy marriages.

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