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Holiday Inspired Ideas for that First Date

Though the pressure to be ‘on’ during a first date is high enough, when you are dating during the holidays, it can be downright terrifying. You don’t want to make the date too special, but you also don’t want to ignore the holidays and come off as a Scrooge.


Here are some fun holiday date ideas:

Go to local light shows – Many towns will have tree lighting ceremonies or places where lights will be strung up in large displays. Go to these with a warm mug of hot chocolate for a fun night.

The theater is filled – With many holiday inspired ballets and shows, you might be able to impress an artistic date by taking him or her to the theater. Look at the local high schools and churches too for options.

Find lights on your own – By driving around your local neighborhoods, you can find homes with extensive light displays – for free. This will give you plenty of time to talk while exploring the city.

Go completely opposite the season – Instead of thinking about frosty walks, try going to the beach (if you have one) during the day. The change of scenery can remind you that this is still any other time of year and you’ll certainly get points for originality.

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