Dating and Relationship Advice Lawsuit Serves as Reminder

In April of this year, an unidentified female Hollywood executive filed a civil suit against She alleges that she was brutally sexually assaulted by a man she met on the site after their second date. She joins a number of other women in the suit that alleges that does not do enough to distinguish and weed out online predators. is one of the most popular and reputable dating sites in the country. They do verify, as much as is possible, the identities of their members. And, while we certainly can’t speak to any specifics in this lawsuit, it is important to remember that we’re all personally responsible for our own safety.

Online dating sites provide a very convenient and easy way to meet others. However, people often have an unclear understanding about the services provided by dating companies and many have the false belief that members are being personally screened for them. Unless your dating service clearly makes this declaration to you, you should assume meeting somone through this route is no different from meeting someone in a cafè or supermarket. Always take the normal precautions of meeting someone for the first time.

Although online dating can be a scary proposition, many people have also found the love of their lives through this venue. Online dating through reputable sites is relatively safe, but taking precautions is still extremely important. Some of the most important things to remember include:

All online daters have to follow these guidelines to ensure their own safety. You truly cannot expect a dating site to find every bad apple.

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