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Not Getting Any Dates? Here’s Why

With all of the online dating advice out there, you might be surprised to find out that more people are just waiting for people to contact them than ever – even though they have a great profile on their chosen dating service page.

So, what’s going on?

There are three main things that might be making you the date-less wonder right:

1. No picture

2.No sense of humor

3. No flexibility

Look, those who might date you want to see what you look like first. You need to put a good picture of yourself into your dating profile in order to give people something to consider. Just be yourself and smile. No cleavage or broad shoulders necessary.

In your profile, have you tried to be funny? When you’re all serious, it can seem like you’re not a lot of fun to be around – and who wants to date a person who’s just no fun? Try to include something quirky about yourself that someone might find amusing – for example, note that your favorite color is blue, but not royal blue because it reminds you too much of finger paint. Or maybe you could include your nickname and a story as to why you got that nickname.

Flexibility is the big problem in many dating profiles. When all you talk about is what you DON’T want in a date, you aren’t leaving a lot of options for prospective suitors. While there may be some things you won’t compromise on, try to leave a little room for new possibilities.

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