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Does “Instant Attraction” Break New Ground?

Dating videos, designed to help people attract the opposite sex, have been around for quite a while. But a new series of dating videos called “Instant Attraction” have caught the attention of more than just the men they were aimed at.

It seems that the “Instant Attraction” videos are getting a lot of things right because their methods employ a lot of research into the psychology of attraction. They spent a lot of time looking at why two different men can have such disparity in their ability to attract women, even when they are of equal attractiveness. What Mark Sing, the creator of the Instant Attraction videos, has learned is that men must employ a certain psychology and thought process to attract women easily. His method employs steps that men who attract women easily are using already, and Sing is proud of the fact that he took the time to do a lot of research on what works when trying to attract women.

The videos have been so successful that psychologists are now studying them to get better insight into male/female attraction psychology. I think that fact alone makes it pretty clear that Sing and his videos are onto something!

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