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College Dating Websites – The Newest Trend

Jean Meyer gets compared to Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, quite a lot these days; and he doesn’t mind one bit. Meyer is a business student at Columbia University and the co-founder of “Date My School” a dating website exclusively for students of certain colleges.

Meyer originally launched “Date My School” at Columbia, but has also launched the site for New York University, Fashion Institute of Technology and UC Berkeley, too. In April the site will go live at Harvard and MIT.

The premise of “Date My School” is slightly different than many other niche dating websites. Meyer’s take on college dating at such competitive schools was that students simply couldn’t find time for love because they were enrolled in competitive programs, focused on good grades and a good career and had little time on their hands. With “Date My School”, they can meet up with students at their own university, which makes it easier for them to spend time together. It also allows them to date people who will be more likely to understand their busy schedule.

“Date My School” doesn’t provide matching algorithms like many popular traditional dating sites, but it does allow students to be very particular about who sees their profile and who they want to date. Many students, for example, prefer not to match with others in their same program of study.

Jean Meyer, along with Balazs Alexa, has successfully pulled of another great niche dating site, meeting the needs of a very specific dating community. Meyer is French; maybe it’s true that the French know a bit more about love than the rest of us. You can read the full article on Jean Meyer and “Date My School” at the New York Times.

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