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Online Dating: Are You Taking It Seriously?

Getting online is easy, but finding love is a bit harder.

Even with the hundreds of different types of dating sites, plus the various subsets of these online dating sites, it seems like the demand is greater than ever. So this begs the question – are people actually getting serious about online dating?

Have you signed up at multiple sites? This generally makes you more scattered when you are talking with people because you can’t always remember who you’ve contacted or talked with already. And if the other people find out, it might look like you’re ‘cheating’ on them.

Have you tried dating IRL (in real life)? If you haven’t gotten to the ‘we’re actually going to meet’ stage, you aren’t really being serious about finding love. You need to actually meet a person, um, in person in order to see if you have chemistry – and to see if they’re actually a living, breathing person.

Do you know what you’re looking for? While there are some qualities that you won’t learn about until after you meet, you do need to have some idea of what you want in a partner before you head to an online dating site. Otherwise, it’s a lot easier to say that you haven’t met the ‘right’ person yet.

Are you constantly contacting new people or are you trying to get to know just a few? When you’re playing the online dating field, you probably have five or six people you’re talking to – but that’s great for quantity, not so great for quality. You need to get to know people before you can get into a solid relationship.

And if you haven’t thought about any of these questions before now – you already know that you’re not really interested in dating anyone from an online site. But it’s fun anyways to pretend.

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