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When YouTube decided to dip its hands into the online dating scene, no one expected an online dating show from a YouTube member.

Brandon Fletcher’s inside look into the world of online dating wasn’t supposed to be something that drew a large crowd. In fact, Fletcher tried to tell YouTube at one point, only to be shunned in his attempts.

With his site,, Fletcher has gotten a deal with YouTube for his video ideas. And while the future of this show is unknown for most of the general public, the sensation that YouTube is makes it a veritable hit before it even gets off the ground.

This show is going to document the real life dates of those that have used online dating during weekly episodes. And there’s no telling there this might lead.

Documentary or simply reality TV in another direction? That’s for the viewer to decide. For now, we’ll just say that there are a lot of strange people dating out there – and that Fletcher may have exposed a great many of them.

Awkward first dates on display for all to see – that’s something that’s like a car crash you just can’t turn away from. And it’s certain to get people talking about the horrors of dating.

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