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The Matchmaking Library Comes Of Age

Everybody who is looking to meet new people online wants to connect with others whose interests are the same as theirs. After all, this is the basis of just about any personal relationship, right? Having similar interests is nothing new and there are plenty of online dating sites out there that focus on matching up interests, sometimes even very narrow, specific interests.

These specific interest sites are a great way to meet like minded singles if there is something that is really, really important to you, like physical fitness, music, or the like. But what about books? Lots of people love to read, and these same people often want to meet others who love to read as well.

Enter, a new online dating site that is set up especially to connect singles based on their reading habits. Instead of searching by height, weight, age, or the like, this unique online dating service connects you with others by allowing you to search by books they have read.

That’s right, books. When you set up your profile you list the books you’ve read that you really like, which can be sorted by author and book title. Then when you’re ready to search for other singles you search for those who have read a particular book or author. It’s that simple and that unique.

So let’s say you loved “The Shining” by Stephen King. You include it in your list of books read and then search for others who have included it in their list as well. Your search will return a list of singles who have read that book, allowing you to connect with any of them you find interesting.

Think of it as going to the library and looking over the shoulder of someone else to see what they are checking out. It’s a fun and unique way to connect with other singles!

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