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Business Cards Get Personal

Business cards are a standard “tool of the trade” in the business world, an accepted and expected way of sharing contact information with someone else. In the online dating world, though, connecting and sharing contact information with someone else has been limited to whatever electronic tools the online dating site provides to its members.

Now a new and innovative approach is combining the easy and effectiveness of business cards with the privacy and convenience of online dating. It’s a hybrid approach used by online dating sites like to give their users the flexibility to make contact with someone in person but still have the privacy protection of the online site.

Here’s how it works: your monthly subscription to the dating site includes a set of business-type cards printed with a greeting and a special code that allows the recipient to log in to the site and connect with you. The cards make it easy to make contact with someone you might see across the room without having to go over and try to make contact with them face to face.

Online singles love this option. They can slip a card to someone unobtrusively, or even send a friend over to deliver it to someone of interest. It’s sort of like passing notes in second grade, but with a far more mature and adult focus. For the recipient it’s a great way to know they’ve been “spotted” and gives them the privacy and protection of making that first contact online as well.

It’s like business cards for personals, and it’s an idea that is rapidly becoming popular for very good reasons!

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