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The Hot Button Topic in Online Dating

Just as many of us weren’t picked for the basketball team on the playground when we were kids, it looks like some online daters are getting picked last, if at all because of certain relationship persuasions.

Okay, they’re not getting put into the vast dating pool of sites like because these daters are homosexual. ‘Rejected’ is the term that is using to their advertising advantage. But what is the real issue here?

The truth is that there is a dating site for everyone – Christians, gay men, lesbians, transgendered, etc. So the question becomes why some daters are getting upset over the fact that one dating site isn’t ‘letting’ them use their services? Couldn’t they simply go somewhere else to meet the kind of date they want to meet?

The ‘heterosexuals only’ policy is pretty clear when it comes to eHarmony. Run by a conservative Christian founder, it’s not explicitly Christian, but it certainly isn’t accepting gay applicants and that’s nothing new.

So do these people that have been rejected by eHarmony have something viable to complain about?

There is some discussion over whether or not all dating sites should accept everyone. Since many of these online daters may have felt rejected in the current local dating pool, doesn’t it make sense to make sure they aren’t rejected anywhere online?

This is a good point, but then again, it brings up the idea again of if you want to meet a certain type of person, why not save yourself a lot of trouble and simply only use sites that cater to that kind of person and relationship?

It just makes sense to go to where the boys and girls are that you want to meet, right? Why head to a dog show when you want to look at cats?

But this is a hot topic that is bound to ruffle a few feathers, pardon the pun, even if the answer seems clear – go to the sites that cater to your needs, avoid those that don’t.

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