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Moon Over Miami

Summer time is in high gear, and that means plenty of opportunities to get “out and about” to meet other singles. Online dating services are of course a great way to meet up with someone whose interests match with your own, but there will always be a role for in person, face to face interactions when it comes to the dating world.

That’s why conducted its annual Singles Summer Travel Survey to find the very best places for singles to travel this year if they want to find lots of opportunities to meet other singles.

And this year’s winner? Miami, Florida, of course! Who wouldn’t want to take a summer trip to this beautiful city which is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches to be found anywhere?

In fact, it is the availability of beautiful beaches that most singles say is one of the major deciding factors in their choosing of a summer vacation destination. A great beach is a “must have” for over 70% of the singles who responded to the survey, with a great swimming pool coming in a distant second with about 43% of the singles saying it was a “must have” for them.

If you can’t make it to Miami this year, though, take heart because there are a number of other great beach destinations that are also top picks for singles. These include Manhattan Beach, California; Waikiki Beach, Hawaii; and South Padre Island, Texas. So wherever you might be, there’s a great beach near you for meeting and connecting with other singles this summer!

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