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Are Dating Sites Worth Your Time?

Though it might seem like online dating is the hottest trend on the planet, the real question is whether or not it actually works. You might see commercials about how certain dating sites have helped hundreds of couples get together and thought that their numbers sounded pretty successful to you. However, when you stop to think about how long some of these sites have been in business, it doesn’t seem to come out to a lot of success overall.

But is that the fault of the user or of the online dating service itself?

The answer to this question is unclear, but it can be debated on both sides. First of all, if you don’t try to meet people through the online dating site, chances are good that you probably won’t. If you’re not writing a strong profile and you’re not attempting to meet people in real life, you’re probably not going to find love. On the other hand, if the online dating site doesn’t help you find new people or it doesn’t have a lot of people using the site, you have to wonder if this site is really hoping that you will meet someone. If they’re not giving you advice or making it easy, you may be starting out at a disadvantage.

Are dating sites worth your time? Absolutely. But just as with any commitment, both sides need to work at it.

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