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Yahoo Partners With

If you use Yahoo Personals, you’re in for a great surprise. Effective immediately, Yahoo Personals is now powered by The name has even been changed to on Yahoo. You can migrate your Yahoo Personals account over immediately, or wait a while, but why wait? is one of the leading online dating services, and Yahoo customers are getting more bang for their buck by going to

By bringing Yahoo Personals into, both sets of customers immediately have access to thousands more matches. And, now, Yahoo customers will have the benefit of’s unparalleled matching system, so the matches you do receive should be even better suited to you.
Yahoo has truly been an online leader since they began providing web services in 1994. This company that began as a hobby for two buddies has grown into one of the most recognized names on the web. In fact, more people call Yahoo home (for their home page) than any other page on the web. Yahoo’s goal has always been to satisfy their customers with the best services and to make their site “one stop shopping” for all their online needs, including searching the web, reading the news, playing games, shopping, finding a job and access to emails.

With this partnership, Yahoo is providing their customers with access to the very best the web has to offer in dating, right from the Yahoo site. Yahoo Personals customers are getting the best of both worlds; access to the leading online dating site, but through tried and true Yahoo. has been on the web since 1995, and has helped thousands of couples meet and fall in love. They offer dating sites in 25 countries and eight languages across five continents.

For Yahoo customers, the switch will be seamless. After the two month transition period, the link to Yahoo personals will be replaced by a link to, who will be the only dating site linked to Yahoo. Your account can be transitioned to with no hassle, and you’ll immediately begin enjoying all of’s great benefits, including the much larger database of matches. You’re sure to find far more matches, since is the number one US dating site. offers mobile access, daily personalized matches and fantastic search tools. They offer unique search abilities, like “reverse match”, which shows you people who are looking for someone like you, and special sections for people who are divorced or looking for someone of a particular religion. Their service is easy to navigate, so Yahoo customers won’t feel like they have to “relearn” how to use the dating site. And, offers a guarantee like no other dating site. If you don’t find love in six months, your next six months on the site are free.

This new partnership between Yahoo and will be good for existing clients, too. Yahoo Personals has 2.4 million subscribers, so existing customers are going to be getting a lot more matches, too.

All in all, this is certain to be a win-win situation for Yahoo customers and customers. More members mean more matches. More features and better searching means that the matches you receive are really well suited to exactly what you seek in a partner. And, access to all of this right through your existing Yahoo page means that finding your true love just got better- and easier.

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