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Matrimonial Matchmaking Goes Online

Matchmaking has a long history in many cultures, especially in South Asia, where parents traditionally handled all of the matchmaking duties for their children.

Parents actively searched for an advantageous match for their child, then negotiated with other parents in an effort to secure a marriage agreement. The children, both boys and girls, typically had little or no say in the matter.

While this kind of parental marriage arrangement is far less common than it was even twenty years ago, there is still a strong cultural sentiment that parents want and need to be actively involved in finding their child a mate. Seeking to fill this void online, has become the “go to” matrimonial matchmaking website for parents and singles from countries where this kind of traditional matchmaking is still considered the best approach. International, and the dedicated website for those living in India, give parents and their children the opportunity to post profiles online and then use their matchmaking tools to find potential mates.

Many parents actually take on primary responsibility for creating a profile, posting it, and responding to inquiries, much like it used to be before the internet.

Their children, though, are often taking a more active role as well, helping their parents to create a profile they feel comfortable and confident using.

So what’s the future look like for matrimonial matchmaking websites? It’s very bright indeed, if the experience of is any indication. This approach is the fastest growing segment of the online dating world and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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