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When You Don’t Feel A Spark

Dating is all about meeting new people, getting to know them, and hopefully finding a person to be that “special one” in your life. It’s a long process in most cases, filled with plenty of dates and opportunities to spend time with potential partners. The fairy tale side of dating is all about meeting the perfect person the first time around and living happily ever after; the reality of dating is, unfortunately, quite a bit different.

The vast majority of people have a few “false starts” along the way toward finding that special person; it’s almost inevitable, really. But how, exactly, are you supposed to handle those situations when you’ve dated someone once, twice, or even a few times, and you just don’t feel that “spark” of wanting to spend time with them anymore?

This is a big challenge because let’s face it, having to tell someone they’re “not your type” or letting them know you don’t want to continue dating is very, very hard. It’s tough to give that kind of honest feedback to another person and it’s tough to hear that kind of honest feedback from someone else. It might be tempting to avoid having that kind of straightforward conversation, but have it you must. It’s the only way to end the situation with dignity, respect, and integrity.

Here are some quick “do’s” and “don’ts” to help you through the process:



Do your best to part on reasonably good terms

When you don’t feel that spark for another person, remember it’s perfectly okay. Just deal with the situation honestly and then focus your attention on other opportunities to meet new people.

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