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Maryland Targets Unfair Pricing Schemes

The world of online dating has its major, reputable operators, but also a whole array of not-so-reputable operators as well. One of the most common scams we see in online dating is the offering of different pricing schemes to different categories of people.

For instance, a site might offer a lower price to women within a certain age group, or perhaps a discount for men who fall within a certain category of age, location, or other vital statistics. They do this in an effort to attract certain kinds of people to their online services but according to a new law making its way through the State of Maryland government these types of pricing schemes are unfair and misleading.

Under the proposed new law the use of gender-specific pricing schemes will become illegal. What is not so clear at the moment is whether this law will apply only to those online dating members who live in Maryland or whether it will apply to any online dating service that does any business at all in Maryland. Under this latter scenario potentially every online dating service will have to abide by the law simply because they may have some members who live in Maryland.

I don’t know, this sounds like a good idea at first because goodness knows there are plenty of online dating sites that love to mess around with their pricing schemes. But really, is it realistic to expect a law in just one state, Maryland, to apply to all online dating sites out there?

What do you think?

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