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Online Dating Can Sour Your Marriage

You go onto an online dating site, maybe to find out if an ex is there, just to see how he or she is doing. You connect with them or with someone else that seems interesting to you. The catch? You’re married already. And your marriage isn’t in shambles, and you aren’t unhappy, but you just wanted to see how the waters of online dating might treat you.

It’s an ego boost when you get a response and it feels good to have someone talk to you and to tell you all the things you want to hear. But when you’re already married, not only are you leading the other person on, but you’re also hurting the relationship you’re in right now.

Here are some signs that you need to start talking to your spouse more than you need to be on online dating websites:

While there are bad marriages out there and there are times when you might want to talk to someone else about things you need in your life, the truth is that going behind your spouse’s back isn’t necessarily the way to solve your problems.

Maybe it’s time to get offline and start talking to your spouse instead.

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