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Are We All Racists When It Comes To Dating?

Interracial romanceWith every type of niche now being filled by new online dating services, there are many sites appearing that offer online communities and matchmaking services for ethnic groups such as black people, Asians or Hispanics.

So what’s the point of these dating services for specific racial groups, and do they offer you anything more than conventional personals sites such as or eHarmony?

Well it all depends on what expectations you have. These sites are ideal if you are the type of person who knows exactly what you are looking for, and you have a strong preference for meeting people of the same cultural background.

This is not such a bad thing – relationship experts have long said that we are drawn to people who are similar to us, and all things being equal, such relationships have a better chance of success than ones of couples from different cultural backgrounds.

Recent studies of daters have shown that women have been found to have a significantly stronger preference for relationships with men from the same racial background, while men appear to be less fussy about cultural roots. Studies of speed daters found that women were much more likely to ‘turn-down’ men of different racial backgrounds than men of the same race as themselves.

This was found to be true for women of various racial backgrounds.

While most dating websites offer some kind filtering system that lets members find other members of a certain ethnic origin, many niche sites have sprung up recently to cater specifically to certain ethnic communities. The larger ethnic sites, such as are doing extremely well, and are now among the most visited dating sites in the US.

If you are considering using an “ethnically themed” site it is always best to choose one with a reasonably large membership since the number of members in some of the niche sites can be relatively low.

While most members of such sites are from the same racial background, it’s worth remembering that they always welcome members of all races and colors.

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