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A Kiss is Just a Kiss?

No one has time for love anymore, it seems. And when you’re trying to find the perfect someone for yourself, you don’t necessarily want to just head to any old place to talk to the same old people. You don’t want to share small talk and a drink – you want something more when you’re giving up the little free time you have.

Enter: This absolutely free online dating website focuses on creating discussion between potential love matches. You can talk about the politics of the work or the environment with other intelligent and time-pressed people. By offering all of the same features as pay sites do, is helping you get the best of the dating scene without paying for it.

Members can also check up on their love interests via their cell phone.

If you’re a member of, you will also be able to post pictures and videos or go explore their news section where discussions begin.

Just like meeting people at a party that your friend planned, you will be able to have meaningful conversations with others in order to find out if you’re a good match.

Without needing to pay a cent, try small talk, or buy someone a drink.

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