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Online Is Now Mainstream

It wasn’t very long ago that using an online dating service was considered scandalous. Cheap. Embarrassing. And yes, really desperate. Thankfully times have changed a great deal and online dating is no longer something you hide from your family and friends. Online is now mainstream, and there is more than just anecdotal evidence to prove this.

A major research study conducted at Stanford University recently shows very clearly that online dating is no longer something to hide in the closet, but is in fact quickly becoming the first choice for singles looking to meet other singles like themselves. Going online is not only socially acceptable now, but it is also the preferred way for more and more singles to connect with each other. The Stanford research, conducted by sociologist Michael Rosenfeld, revealed that significant numbers of singles now actively choose to go online rather than go out to offline venues to look for other singles.

According to Rosenfeld’s study, the groups most likely to prefer online dating are lesbians, gays, and heterosexuals who are middle aged. When you stop to think about it for a moment this actually make sense; online dating allows singles to search for a partner in a way that is more anonymous than going out in person, plus it gives singles access to a much larger pool of potential dates than going out in person.

There will always be plenty of people who prefer to meet other singles in traditional offline venues, but if you’re looking for that someone special it might be more productive for you to focus more of your efforts online.

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