If you have done any looking at potential dating sites lately, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are so many of them out there (an estimated several thousand, according to some experts) that it can be extremely difficult to decide which one (or ones) you should pay to join.

Leave it to the online community to recognize this problem and come up with a simple solution! The latest trend in online dating is the rise of so-called “dating portals”, also sometimes called “dating aggregators”. These innovative sites are cutting right through the problem of choosing the right online dating service by allowing users to search for matches across multiple dating services. It’s much like the familiar airline travel services such as CheapFlights.com, Priceline.com, and Kayak.com, where you can search a single site and find multiple travel options to consider.

Rubixx.com, for example, pulls profiles from many of the top dating sites when you conduct a search. If you find a potentially interesting match you then click through to the site from which the profile comes. Of course, you have to pay the fee to join that site and access the full profile, but the general concept here is a huge change for online dating. It may just be a very successful way for you to search more profiles, find more matches, and only pay to access those online services where your potential matches are also signed up.

Is this the future of online dating? Chances are the answer is “yes”, so keep an eye on this trend if you want to stay on the cutting edge!

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