Women start to worry when the signs of age become apparent. A woman that just turned 40 may feel insecure because she is not as young as she once was. She may feel that she is no longer attractive to her husband. Perhaps, she has even noticed him looking at younger women. The aging process can contribute to a woman’s insecurity about her appearance and her relationship.

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that your husband will leave you for a younger woman, but it does happen sometimes. There are usually contributing factors when a man leaves his wife of many years for a younger woman. It is rarely about age only. After all, he is getting older too.

What makes men start looking at younger women?
Of course, younger women have a physical appeal that attracts men, but men are usually seeking attention. Men have a need for attention and like to be admired. The need for attention can be stronger as men become older. Women shower their husbands with attention, affection and admiration when the relationships are new. Couples fall into a comfort zone as they grow older together. Sometimes people become too comfortable with each other and take each other for granted.

Women may not shower their husbands with as much attention as they once did and men long for the days of affection and excitement. A man may look for attention elsewhere if his wife takes him for granted for too long. Younger women are often attracted to older men for stability and security. Older men are flattered by the attention lavished on them by younger women.

A marriage that’s fallen into a rut…
Men may also complain that after being married for so many years that their wives do not take care of themselves anymore. Women may stop fixing their hair or putting on makeup. A man may complain that his wife has put on weight and walks around in her bathrobe all day. He may say that she does not wear attractive or sexy clothes anymore. An older woman may have a decreased sex drive and her husband feels neglected by her lack of sexual desire. A man may think that his wife is no longer interested in him if she stops caring for her appearance and becomes distant.

There are several ways a man can nudge his wife into taking better care of her appearance. He can suggest that they go out on a date. She will then need to fix her hair, wear something nice and apply makeup. The husband can even take her shopping for a new outfit. The husband can suggest activities such as hiking, bicycling, swimming or nature walks to lose weight and become more physically fit. He could even suggest taking a class together such as dance, yoga or aerobics. The wife may be prompted to take more interest in her husband and herself if the husband puts forth extra effort. More romance and attention can also fuel the sexual flame.

Regaining his attention
A woman that notices her husband taking interest in a younger woman will need to put forth the effort to re-gain his attention. She can remind him how much she loves him. She can spend more time with him and encourage him to participate in activities that he enjoys. She should take care of her appearance and dress attractively so that her husband will take notice of her.

An overweight woman should embark on a healthy diet and exercise routine after consulting her physician. She should make her husband aware of the steps she is taking to lose weight and get him involved by asking him to participate. He can help coach her to reach her goals by providing her with positive reinforcement.

The wife can let her husband know how much she needs him and how helpful he has been. Helping each other can bring them closer together. They can have fun together and spark their relationship on all levels. The husband may then realize he doesn’t need a younger woman to make him feel admired and needed. He just needed his wife to step out of her comfort zone and love him like she once did.

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